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The Napoleonic Archive

The Napoleonic Archive

This electronic archive has been instigated, to provide a significant number of primary and contemporary sources, written by those who actually served during the Napoleonic wars. These accounts are invaluable as primary source evidence for both teachers and students or indeed anyone researching any aspect of the period. The wide range of material covered also readily facilitates the investigation of numerous aspects of the life of the soldiers and their families while on campaign. Nothing explains the history of the period better than the contemporary journals and letters of those who were there and experienced these trials and tribulations first hand.

To aid the student, the material can either be read in toto, or can easily be searched to identify relevant passages for a particular project or theme. This huge primary source has been transcribed from original documents, which are often decaying, the ink fading and extremely difficult to read (please refer to the image showing cross writing as an example) for the ease of all.

Gareth Glover, an expert in the discovery and transcription of original Napoleonic journals and letters, has worked with Waterloo 200, The Age of Revolution and the Waterloo Association to bring this material, free to access, to the general public.

This page provides an overview of the material, organised chronologically and by campaign. Click on any link to browse to the full transcriptions. Gareth Glover has provided an overview of the Peninsular Campaign which is shown on a map and in a timeline. Alternatively, you can search the archives for any subject, person or place which interests you.